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Tri-Cities Super Annual Pet Adoption Event

Jenny's Hope is a registered WA state non-profit organization.

Jenny's Hope is helping find forever homes for the orphaned pets in our community. We feel all dogs and cats deserve a second chance at finding a loving home to bring you joy and companionship.

We started Jenny's Hope in 2009 because we wanted to help the local shelters and rescues who were doing such amazing work helping animals. We felt there was a need to create more awareness in the community about the wonderful adoptable animals waiting for their forever homes and believed a Super Pet Adoption Event could do that. Thanks to our dedicated and hard working volunteers and sponsors, it has.

Our Super Pet Adoption gives shelters a way to come together for the same cause; helping animals find their forever home. It gives these animals a chance to shine away from a shelter in a fun and exciting environment and gives families an opportunity to see how wonderful all of these animals really are.

Why is this event important? Shelters work out of kennels, dogs and cats can be scared and timid inside a row of kennels as they are confused as to why they are there. Rescues work from their homes trough fosters and are not always immediately available to meet with. This event allows shelters and rescues to bring these animals to a neutral ground where you will see them come out of their shell. They get an entire day to play in the park, be shown lots of affection and hopefully find their forever home (this is important enough). No matter how big or small the shelter and rescue is this also gives them an opportunity to let our community know what they are all about and continuing to educate! How they're striving to help our community in finding the orphaned pets a chance at a new life! Not only will you find local shelters and rescues we also invite different vendors to attend adding diversity and knowledge.

Our event is held each year on the last Saturday in April at the East end of Columbia Park. You can pre register for our next event so mark your calendar April 25th 2015 and complete and return the form below.                                                      

Registration Form.docx

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This event would not be possible with the generosity of our sponsors, Petsmart Charities, Apollo Mechanical Contractors, and Prudential Now Realty.

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